About CIYF 3.0

Chennai International Youth Fest – One of the World’s Biggest Youth Conclave that happens in India, is organized by Youth Development Consortium (YDC) with the support of Government of India & Govt. of Tamil Nadu and several other Institutional bodies. The Chennai International Youth Fest pioneered in the year 2017 to create a platform for the youngsters from various streams to showcase and build their interests and talents. The CIYF is a series of 200+ events which witnesses thousands of Young spectacular talents across the Globe, participating in both competitive and non-competitive Cultural, Sports, Martial Arts, Exhibitions, Intellectual discourses, young artists camps, seminars, conferences, workshops and adventure programs. The Chennai international youth fest’s prime motive is the development of the youth and exploring the opportunities beyond their perceptive. This program brings out the inner talents and the ability to analyze his or her own strengths in every individual and help them focus on their strength and interest for their development and provide an opportunity to showcase it. Every year it houses many fresh talents and help them prosper in their respective field. CIYF also serves as a platform to connect globally and help an individual to build his Networking and Communication Skills. CIYF engages all participating youth in constructive action through activities such as service learning, arts, and athletics; and emphasize common values such as friendship, citizenship, and learning. CIYF aims that both the participants and audiences have an optimistic and enriching experience at the festival. CIYF’19: This year, The CIFY ’19 will continue its legacy to reach out to more youngsters across the horizon to inspire them and bring them together in strengthening them on vertical expertise and horizontal development. With over 300+ events being planned with a vision of reaching more than 50,000 Youngsters in a period of 15 days. CIYF’19 is going be better and more exciting than it ever was and will have more than 2700 winners! From this year onwards, CIYF will go further with a theme for each year. This year, Sustainable Development is set as the theme and goal. Sustainable Development goals set by UN’s General assembly has been integrated in every step and action of CIYF’19. CIYF will educate the Youth on the need for sustainable development and trigger the start of Sustainable Development in India.